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The generators and auxiliary power equipment are pre-assembled in 40 ft ISO container for minimal transport and civil works expenses. This package is fully equipped with heat boosters, oil centrifuges, air compressors, fuel pumping and delivery systems, radiators, and exhaust systems. The containers double as a pre-fabricated power house, ensuring very low installation costs versus traditional power plants. Just add fuel and water! (Bulk fuel storage tanks are not included.)


UCPP includes state-of-the art control systems for easy operations, with digital monitoring of all components, all communicated by an intuitive graphical interface. Since the entire plant was engineered to work together, there are no headaches trying to cobble together different kinds of aftermarket equipment.


Initial purchase prices are low. Spare parts costs are minimal. HFO means lower fuel costs. And these plants are made to run for 20 years! (Anywhere from two-to-four times longer than other designs.)

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The USP&E Containerized Power Plant (UCPP) is a containerized diesel generator with either a Niigata, Hyundai HiMSEN, Man, or Wärtsilä engine as its prime mover. But more than that, it is engineering genius; a modular and scalable system that includes the all auxiliary equipment, making it a truly Plug-and-Play power plant with short lead-times, short installation times, and unparalleled ease-of-operation and low lifetime operating costs.


On top of that, you get USP&E's years of experience building, operating, and maintaining power plants worldwide. USP&E are Fuel Efficiency Optimization experts, with proprietary systems for ensuring maximum power for minimum fuel. USP&E offers HFO, Natural Gas and Diesel options, and always the best engine for the right application. Installation is provided free when USP&E is hired for a service contract during the warranty period or beyond.


Our engineers are advanced and competent in the engineering field and other relevant subjects. They are fully experienced in any maintenance or repair task at your power plant.

When in the field, our engineers communicate with and draw from experts in our company. All personnel in design, engineering, and installation planning support the work carried out by our engineers at your site.

USP&E personnel give the best quality service to your power plant.

Technical Support

If you have troubles with the operation of the power plant, you can find a reliable answer from USP&E, which has years of experience in diesel power plants, technical support involving emission and vibration analysis, engine part analysis, and on-site or on-line troubleshooting using the latest multimedia telecommunications techniques.


You can expect reliable answers from a specially appointed and dedicated engineer who will handle all your technical inquiries.

OEM Parts

Original factory parts have been made following thorough manufacturing standards and inspection. We can offer you the highest quality parts in the form of individual parts or assembled parts.


We always do our best to supply parts to any location in the world through our sales and services network and the latest express logistic systems, whenever and wherever you need them.

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