The 'E' in USP&E

» Official USP&E Environmental Policy

USP&E is 100% Committed to the Protection and Management of the Environment. USP&E is committed to conducting all its power plant installations, upgrades, and services activities in an environmentally friendly manner and upholding the corporate environmental objectives of our client's shareholders. USP&E further believes that environmental stewardship is an integral component of its business and that economic development and environmental sustainability remain mutually compatible.

To fulfill these commitments USP&E will:
  • comply with all applicable environmental legislation and codes as a minimum requirement;
  • implement and maintain an efficient and effective environmental management system necessary for pollution prevention;
  • conserve resources (material and energy) through efficient utilization of resources, waste reduction, waste reuse or recycling;
  • integrate environmental, social, cultural and economic considerations into all planning, designing and implementation activities and decision-making processes.
  • Identify, evaluate and manage existing and potential environmental aspects and impacts associated with the company's activities and operations;
  • carry out ecologically sustainable development including progressive rehabilitation, (as far as economically feasible) of land surfaces disturbed through the activities and operations of the company;
  • promote environmental awareness and understanding among the work colleagues in order to develop an informed and responsible environmental culture;
  • provide relevant training and support for all personnel to enable them fulfill their environmental responsibilities;
  • conduct environmental audits and periodic management reviews to ensure continuous improvement and responsible industry practice;
  • work in partnership with communities around the company's operation areas through proactive engagement and consultation in recognition of the values of their local knowledge and expertise;
  • develop and implement innovative approaches to environmental management through scientific research and technology transfer.
All employees and contractors are accountable to upholding the company's environmental policy and standards.