USP&E Press Releases

USP&E Awarded Xerox Power Plant Contract 07/06/2010

USP&E announced today the award of an Oklahoma City based 350kW diesel power station project. A division of Xerox has tapped USP&E to supply a New "U-POWER" sound attenuated diesel generator for a call center application. USP&E will be commissioning, load bank testing, servicing and maintaining the diesel generator and switchgear for Xerox. Nathaniel Winn, manager of procurement and logistics, stated: "We are thrilled to be working with a client of this caliber and look forward to delivering world class results." USP&E: Powering Business. Empowering People.

USP&E Responds to Hurricane Alex - Awarded Blanket Purchase Orders 07/03/2010

Last week USP&E was required to be on standby with 30 diesel generators for rental and 10 refueling trucks. "Though the hurricane went south into Mexico, USP&E is prepared and on alert to respond to any generator rental or refueling needs our clients have along the gulf coast this year," stated Nathaniel Winn with USP&E. USP&E: Powering Business. Empowering People.

USP&E Tapped as Construction Consultant for $49.4m Construction Project in Las Vegas 06/11/2010

USP&E announced today that we will be working with Martin Harris Construction to build a $50 million waste water treatment plant in Las Vegas over the next three years. "We are thrilled about working with Martin Harris in Nevada as well as helping MHC to grow their operations in Texas", stated Will Gruver, USP&E's CEO. There will be 28 diesel generators on this project. USP&E: Powering Business. Empowering People.

USP&E Receives POs from 7 New Clients in One Week 06/10/2010

USP&E announced today that during the 4-day holiday week of May 31st, several new business development records were broken. CEO Will Gruver credits an incredible sales and project management team lead by Jason Biermeier: "Jason's attention to the highest level of integrity in everything he says and does is at the center of his success and representative of the caliber of staff we have at USP&E Global". Sales were made to small general contractors, the US Federal Bureau of Prisons, a client in Guyana, Astound Broadband's data center division in San Francisco, large multi-national general contractors - and others. USP&E would like to thank all of their clients for their support during such a challenging economic environment. USP&E: Powering Business. Empowering People.

USP&E Sells Several More Cummins Diesel Generators to Thailand 04/06/2010

Jason Biemeier, director of global development for USP&E announced today the sale yet another power plant to an oil industry client in Bangkok, Thailand. "We believe in long-term partnerships that are based on honest prices, quality products and after sales service and maintenance. We are very excited to be serving clients looking for comprehensive diesel generator sales and service in Thailand." USP&E is a global technology solutions company that specializes in power plant engineering, procurement, construction, service and maintenance.

USP&E Executes Nationwide Service Contract for Large Telecommunications Client 04/05/2010

USP&E announced today it has been awarded the nationwide service and maintenance contract for a large telecommunications client with over 11,000 towers and 300 generators. "USP&E has been working with this client for over 7 years and is very excited about this opportunity to grow our nationwide operations," commented Nathaniel Winn, Field Service Operations and Logistics for USP&E. USP&E: Powering Business. Empowering People.

USP&E Wins Data Center Build Out in Minneapolis 04/03/2010

USP&E has been selected to perform a 18 story diesel generator Engineering, Procurement and Construction upgrade for a data center client in Minneapolis. USP&E completed the diesel generator feasibility study for this data center / call center client in 2009. Work is to commence in April and involves electrical and HVAC/mechanical upgrades, generator and chiller installations and and switchgear modifications, among other things. With offices in Bloomington MN, USP&E is very excited to be growing in this key marketplace. USP&E: Powering Business. Empowering People.

USP&E Wins Data Center Project in Oklahoma 04/01/2010

USP&E announced today that it has been tapped to build out a medium sized data center facility for a long-standing client. This project will involve MEP data center design and engineering, upgrading electrical feeders, upgrading the power generation equipment, supplying generators and switchgear and extensive testing and commissioning. "We are thrilled with this opportunity to work even more closely with this client", said John Wesloski. USP&E anticipates building out at least 7 data centers in 2010. USP&E: Powering Business. Emplowering People.

USP&E Awarded Contract to Supply KTA50G3 Cummins Diesel Generators to New African Client 03/30/2010

USP&E announced today the award of a contract to supply Cummins KTA50G3 1250kW diesel generators to a new precious mineral mining client in Africa. Jason Biermeier, Director of Global Development, said: "We are thrilled with this award and believe we will have a long and fruitful relationship with this prestigious new client. USP&E has demonstrated our ability to deliver value to Africa with our hands-on local approach to service, installation, maintenance and repair. And with 5 years of experience shipping equipment into interior Africa, we leverage a proven comprehensive strategy to maximize value by streamlining the entire process." USP&E sells diesel and natural gas power generation equipment and also engineers, constructs and services power stations worldwide. USP&E: Powering Business. Emplowering People.

USP&E Completes 62 Diesel Generator Service Calls in Just 15 Days 03/28/2010

VP of Engineering and Field Services, John Wesloski, announced today the completion of over 60 generator service calls in over 8 states over the past 2 weeks. John is very impressed with service manager Mike Dressel and his attention to detail, ability to multi-task and commitment to keeping quality at the best-in-class levels our clients are accustomed to. USP&E: Powering Business. Empowering People.