USP&E Press Releases

USP&E to Provide Service and Maintenance to Clients In Ghana & the Philippines 06/20/2008

USP&E announced today that it is a finalist in Ghana and, separately, the Philippines to win long-term power plant service and maintenance contracts. US Power offers an exclusive Service and Maintenance Guarantee that prioritizes clients' needs by ensuring the most professionally trained staff in the world will be onsite when most needed, 24/7, day or night, all year round. This guarantee also ensures that clients' have the highest trained, most advanced technicians assigned to their facilities. The US Power Service and Maintenance Guarantee is a industry first and an exclusive benefit to premier international clients. Selected to provide parts, diesel generators, natural gas generators, and other plant equipment, in addition to service, USP&E is very excited about delivering much more than their clients currently expect. Building trust since 1968, USP&E: Powering Business. Empowering People.

USP&E Diesel Generators WINS Power Plant Construction and Equipment Supply Contract in Bangladesh 06/20/2008

USP&E announced today its success in earning a large contract for design, pre-construction, procurement, installation, commissioning and ongoing onsite service and maintenance today of a large public power plant in Bangladesh. Leveraging their experience in selling and installing more than 1 gigawatt in power plant capacity, USP&E is very excited to begin work immediately. One of the world's most densely populated countries, Bangladesh is located in South Asia near India and Burma. US Power & Environment employs cutting edge energy optimization techniques to achieve unparalleled fuel consumption efficiencies. Building trust since 1968, USP&E: Powering Business. Empowering People.

USPE Power Rentals Recognized Nationally 06/12/2008

Awards were presented to USPE Diesel Generators by Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based Transportation Services Corporation Penske for the following achievements: 2007 Rookie of the Year, Highest Revenue of the Year, and Agent Honor Roll, receiving more awards than any other premier partner in the world. USPE Vice President Dan Trudeau stated: "It all comes down to delivering more than our clients expect, every time. And no one in this division has done a better job at this than Transportation Services Manager Ben Ramsland. Ben is a go-getter that is persistent, aggressive, friendly and fun. Ben epitomizes USPE's mission to be the most creative, flexible and proactive supplier of equipment, maintenance, and construction services in the world." With fully-manned dispatch depots in 7 countries, US Power & Environment is a leading supplier of new and used diesel generators, construction equipment and services and an international maintenance and equipment repair division. Doing business since 1968, USPE: Powering Business. Empowering People.

USP&E Awarded Sale of 350KW Cummins for Oil Refinery Program 05/28/2008

We are proud to announce that Dan Trudeau, VP of our World Wide Sales Division, located at the Bloomington Minn. location, has completed a transaction with an important client for a 350KW Cummins Generator which will support a major oil refinery located off the coast of Texas. His activities include developing solutions as well as supplying the required power peripheral equipment such as ATS Transfer Switches, Switchgear, UPS Systems, and Battery Supplies testing world wide. Mr. Trudeau has organized the developments in this critical marketplace and understands the effects of being part of world wide solutions team. We support his dedication in delivering more than expected solutions to all of USP&E's customers in this industry throughout the world. His integrity and independence are the cornerstone for all the company's sales activities.

With strategic locations worldwide, USP&E is a leading power plant construction, service, rental and diesel generator supplier. Building trust since 1968, USP&E: Powering Business. Empowering People.


After several months of preliminary work involving the shipping, installation and testing of cat diesel generators, spare parts, fuel systems, and miscellaneous plant equipment, USP&E is preparing to commission the power plant of a large industrial client in Africa the week of June 1st. Carl Daughtery, our Power Plant Superintendent, has a team of 15 non-local and 25 local men and women who have been assisting with this project. After many months of working 7 days per week in severe conditions, USP&E is very excited about this commissioning project and the value added by our expertise and creative solutions implemented in order to get this 50mW power plant completely installed and commissioned in record time. USP&E: Powering Business. Empowering People.

USPE Employs Cutting Edge Software to Give Clients More than they Expect 03/28/2008

Integrating seven construction divisions and worldwide project management efforts, USP&E Construction Services announced today the acquisition, installation and roll-out of our new cutting-edge Sage Timberline Software Platform. Now departments throughout the company are connected by project data that's available the moment it's entered.

Construction Services Vice President Ric Patterson adds: "Timberline offers absolutely exactly what it takes to stay on top of contracts, inventory, equipment, labor, and work orders and know where we stand on actual and committed costs. With Timberline we can keep a keen eye on cash flow and cost forecasts, forecast new business opportunities, accelerate project documentation, click between big-picture results to small details, and personalize each of our work stations with the Sage Timberline Office Desktop for easy access to the information most important to us and our clients."

 USPE is pleased to announce this software enhancement to our existing and prospective clients because, according to our Construction Services financial manager, Susanna Hannon, "Sage Timberline Office is a fully integrated financial and operations software that links every facet of USPE's business, eliminating redundancies and speeding the flow of information between departments - including Estimating, Accounting, Project Management, Procurement, Reporting and Sales - in order to ensure that our clients get the best service and results imaginable."

USP&E is a leading provider of industrial and commercial construction services, data center equipment, power plant switchgear and generators, service, sales and rental. With employees in over 5 countries and operations worldwide, USPE is a fast growth company whose mission is to be the most proactive, creative and flexible company regardless of the industry in which we compete. Building trust since 1968 - Power is our business.

USPE Now Offers New 50 - 500kW Generators in Less than 9 Weeks 03/14/2008

As a distributor for over 6 years for Baldor Generators, USPE now offers 50kW through 500kW diesel generators with deliveries guaranteed in less than 9 weeks. These Baldor model IDLC generators are diesel and fully customizable with trailers, tanks, enclosures, switchgear, and other bells and whistles. Dan Trudeau, Director of American Sales said: "In a time when our clients often require the most compressed delivery schedules, we are very excited about the lead times we can now offer our industrial customers with our New Baldor Generator Line. As a Baldor distributor for years now, we have grown to trust Baldor products with all our heart. It is getting to work with Baldor people like Geoff Okerstrom and Kelly Perkins that really make coming to work fun. We offer 2yr standard and 5yr extended warranties and also offer commissioning, startup, service and emergency repair. Call me today for a quote at +1 612 328 0373. I look forward to talking to you soon!" As a leading supplier of new and used diesel generators up to 40mW, USP&E also rents and leases construction equipment world wide, services generators around the clock as far away as Africa, and is in the process of building out over 1.2 million square feet of data center in the US. USP&E - Building Trust Since 1968.

USPE Hired to Construct Power Plant in North West Africa 03/12/2008

USPE announced on February 15th, 2008, that it was hired to build a power plant for an industrial user in North West Africa. USPE World Wide Operations Vice President, Peter Newman, stated his "tremendous delight in this new opportunity to service our growing client base in Africa and Asia. We at USPE are confident that this new assignment is a indication of our trustworthiness and track record of superior customer satisfaction." USPE currently has 6 expatriates and is in the process of hiring 20 local African technicians to assist in this 12 month project. Newman also stated "We at USPE are encouraged to support the local economy in one of the poorest nations on Earth and have set up a thorough, aggressive training and educational system for our entire staff. We have also established a satellite office in Africa and look forward to servicing the rest of the continent from our new location there beginning August 1st, 2008." USPE is a leading designer, building, supplier, servicer and emergency repair power plant resource around the world. Please visit us at today to learn more or call Peter Newman for a free consultation at 919-395-2090. "USPE - Building Trust Since 1968."

USPE Construction Services Awarded $20,000,000 in Dallas Texas 01/24/2008

USP&E announced today that the Construction Services Division, headed by Ric Patterson, VP, has been awarded over $20MM in Fit Out and Utility Substation construction projects in the DFW Metroplex. Primarily focused on Mission Critical Data Center construction, Patterson and his team of GAC (Green Advantage Certified Commercial) project managers are very excited to be moving forward on these opportunities, which include building hardening, finish-out, and installation of the campus underground infrastructure. With the award of these projects Patterson’s team will have cumulatively in excess of 7MM square feet of Mission Critical Facilities construction and well over 1GW of power and utility systems construction and upgrades.
Ric Patterson said “Our focus is and always will be to provide the Customer with the necessary tools to accomplish their business needs, through construction, improvements, or consulting our team of professionals are matched to the specific project. This award is significant to us because our clients know we are not the biggest construction bus on the highway, but we have the wherewithal to pass them all in the fast lane to success.”

USPE Sends Team To Angola West Africa 01/14/2008

USP&E announced today that several of its most highly trained power plant engineers will depart this week for Angola, West Africa to repair several Cat generators that are down. Catering to the oil and precious metal mining industries in Africa, USP&E's Onsite Power Team is made of of some of the world's most accomplished and experienced diesel and gas engine technicians. USP&E has been tapped recently to perform regular onsite maintenance as well as emergency service to power plants in globalizing countries around the world. President Will Gruver stated: "Our men are ready and trained for exactly the kind of harsh conditions that remote power plant repair and maintenance entails. In fact, when it comes to our technical computer diagnostics and streamlined, detailed reporting, no one in the industry is more thorough or super competent. We are excited about the work our clients are doing in Angola and about our ability to support them in their work." USPE will be flown into Angola directly and then take helicopters to their client's off shore oil drilling facilities. With projected revenues of over $50MM in 2008, US Power & Environment has three divisions that specialize in Power Plant Sales, Service and Installation, Equipment Rental and Major Commercial Construction Design/Build Projects.