New 1500kW Caterpillar Diesel Generator

Item#: USP008902
Wattage: 1,500 kW
Make/Model: Caterpillar 3516 C
Year of Mfr: 2017
Hours: New!
Fuel Type: Diesel
Frequency: 60 Hz
Additional Info:
(5) Caterpillar 3516 C-HD Land Electric Modules with KATO brand generator model 6P7-3000, 1500 kW

CATERPILLAR LAND ELECTRIC MODULE model 3516C-HD rated at 2150 BHP, 1200 rpm with special  KATO generator rated at 2500 kva, 600 volts, 0.8 pf,  and Stainless steel  316 custom control panel to work in land oil field. 


Includes one Caterpillar 16-cylinder, direct injected, turbocharged, diesel oilfield engine, jacket water aftercooled, 4-cycle, 170 mm bore x 215 mm stroke (6.7 in bore x 8.5 in stroke). Engine rotation is standard (counter-clockwise as viewed from flywheel end).


 Aftercooler core, corrosion resistant Air cleaner, dry, panel type, regular duty, with soot filter and service indicators 


Governor, Woodward 3161, RH Pneumatic control (10-60 psi) Air fuel ratio control, external droop Governor control, remote and positive locking 


Jacket water pump gear driven Dual outlets: 88.9 mm O.D. (3.5 in) elbow hose connections. Thermostats and housing (dual outlet) Combined circuit to cool engine jacket water, cylinder head, and oil cooler  

 Radiator for an ambient temperature of 50°C, mounted on base with fan and guards to cool both circuits. Coolant not included.

Coolant drain line with valve 


Exhaust flexible fitting, stainless steel 205mm (8 in) Adapter, 203 mm (8 in) to 310 mm (16 in) Weldable flange 356 mm (16 in) 


Flywheel, SAE No. 00, 183 teeth Flywheel housing, SAE No. 00 SAE standard rotation  FUEL SYSTEM Fuel filter Fuel transfer pump Flexible fuel lines – shipped loose Fuel priming pump Electronic injectors


Special Stainless steel 316 Control Panel*                                                         

Control components of the motor generators are compatible with controls speed and power control room (PCR) Standard in drilling and maintaining wells on land where the generators will be installed to handle the following values: 

a) Actuator current: 0-200 mA.

b) Voltage signal for the actuator: 0-8 VCD.

c) generator excitation voltage: 0-120 VCD.

d) generator excitation current: 0-10 ACD.

d) value of speed feedback: The feedback signal speed, frequency census engine with a magnetic pick-up, It is from 0 to 5.000 Hz and 1-40 VAC. 

All signs and nameplates on the panel are written in the English and Spanish language.

The control panel is mounted on the base of the motor generator, made of 316L stainless steel sheet with door (s) open to the front and window hinge, self supported and flexible buffer heels for vibration protection.

Monitoring system for the following operating parameters of each of the engine and  generators .: Manual emergency stop switch.

Analog gauge air pressure in PSI boot.

Analog gauge fuel pressure in PSI.

Analog gauge pressure lubricating oil PSI.

Temperature display input and output of the engine coolant.

Temperature indicator and out of the oil.

Digital tachometer RPM.


 Instantaneous power delivered in HP

Fuel consumption totalizer 

Control switch has three positions engine (local, remote and off), as follows: "local" position to start the motor generator .- from the same control panel, the "remote" position to start the .- motogenerator until idling speed (slow) to be controlled from the remote board in the generation control room  and the "off" position to lock the motor generator .- power and reset alarms and stop functions.

It has a programmable logic controller (PLC) or microcontroller and an integrated computer system that will serve on the board to program (PLC) or the microcontroller and control and know the parameters of genset operation, fault detection and control emergency stop with active screen (Touch Screen) and licenses for software, compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Windows in Spanish language to the date of delivery; the system is able to record the parameters every hour and store information for at least three months and has interface ports for connecting a printer, a remote computer or laptop, also the system considers all sensors for monitoring, control and register all parameters that are displayed on the active screen (Touch Screen).

The parameters recorded by the system are:

For engine coolant.

 Coolant Temperature ° C and ° F.

Alarm high coolant temperature.

Stop for high temperature in the coolant.

For engine lubricating oil. Lubricating oil level.

Check-temperature lubricating oil in ° C and ° F.

Entry of lubricating oil pressure in PSI.

Alarm low lube oil pressure in the engine inlet Shutdown Low oil pressure.

Pressure in the crankcase.

Crankcase pressure in inches H20.

High pressure alarm carter.

Stop by high pressure in the crankcase.

Restriction in air intake.

Pressure drop in inches of mercury.

Alarm high restriction in the air intake.

Restriction in the exhaust.

Temperature in ° C and ° F gas exhaust manifold for each cylinder.

An hour meter with reset to zero for maintenance intervals.

An hour meter for total hours accumulated.

RPM tachometer. Fuel pressure in PSI.

Alarm acknowledgment switch.

Alarm test switch.

For the parameters of the lubricating oil must have: An amber warning lamp low oil pressure. A red light and audible alarm (horn) with sensors that emit the alarm signal to the engine stop device acting on low oil pressure. An amber warning lamp high oil temperature. An amber warning lamp Low oil.

For the parameters of the coolant it has: An amber warning lamp High coolant temperature. A red light and audible alarm (horn) with sensors that emit the alarm signal to the engine stop device acting high temperature in the coolant. For overspeed parameter it has: A red light and audible alarm (horn) with sensors that emit alarm signal actuation of engine overspeed shutdown. For the parameter of pressure in the crankcase it has: A red light and audible alarm (horn) with sensors that emit the alarm signal to the engine stop device by high pressure in the crankcase. For motor control features: An amber lamp control switch engine off. A green lamp mode PLC running. A red lamp emergency stop. A red lamp unit blocked. A green lamp ready engine. A green light indicates that the board is energized.

Intervals (in hours of real-time service) This control panel requires a source  of battery bank of 24 volts and a battery charger for the operation of the control board and requires a 120 VAC for source from client. Not included.


Crankcase breather Integral lube Oil cooler Oil filter Shalow Oil pan Oil pump, gear type Oil pan drain valve, 2" NPT female connection. Requires Lubricating oil, SAE 15W40, Caterpillar DEO (CG4) 643 liters, not included. 


Heavy duty land rig inner Rails, engine mounting, engine length, industrial floor type 254 mm (10 in) C-channel. 

Oil field sub base of 30 feet Engine and Generator mounting groups

Engine and generator, three point mounted to sub base

Integral spring isolators with limit stop

Lift provisions on Base

Oil drain extension 


 Accesory drive, upper, RH

Front housing, two sided 


Hydra-mechanical shutoffs (low oil pressure, high water temperature and overspeed, air inlet shutoff). Monitoring gauge and emergency remote shutoff.

Alarm switches, low oil pressure, high water temperature for connection to customer – supplied alarm panel.

Manual shutoff control, LH 


Air starting motor, RH, 620 to 1034 KPa (90 to 150 psi), LH control.

Air silencer Air regulator


 KATO brand generator model 6P7-3000, 1500 kW / 2500 kVA capacity, permanent magnet excitation and oversized platform to work for a voltage of 600 volts, power factor 0.8, 60 Hz, 3 phase, 1200 rpm; with class H insulation and windings formed two bearings 90 degrees of temperature rise for an ambient temperature of 50 ° C.

 It includes temperature sensors platinum RTDs 100 ohms in windings (2 x phase) and temperature sensor in each bearing and space heater 120/240 volts to protect from moisture. Not wired.

Connection box with bars

 Insulation class H type marine varnish with vacuum impregnation (VPI) followed by a spray epoxy material.

 Construction type IP23

 Air filter with stainless steel differential pressure switch. Not wired.

 Space Heater, not wired.


Caterpillar Yellow with high gloss black rails & radiator.

Vibration damper and guard

Lifting eyes

Set of literature.

Warranty: 12 Months after start up or 18 months after Delivery, whichever occurs first. 

   Power Calculators

Equipment is sold as is. EXW warehouse. Subject to prior sale. Shipping quotes available upon request.