New 1228kW Cummins Diesel Generator

Price (USD): $219,450.00
Item#: USP009146
Wattage: 1,228 kW
Make/Model: Cummins KTA50G3
Year of Mfr: 2013
Hours: New!
Fuel Type: Diesel
Additional Info:
1 unit = 1228 kW at $220,000
4 units = 4912 kW at $880,000
10 units = 12 280 kW at $2,200,000
20 units = 24 560 kW at $4,400,000
30 units = 36 840 kW at $6,600,000
60 units = 73 680 kW at $13,200,000
65 units = 80MW at $14,300,000 

50/60Hz Convertible. 

Options are sound attenuated enclosures (at $22k) each engine 

Switchgear for parallel operation (at $18k) ea engine 

4000L fuel tanks (at $2700) each engine 

Catalytic converters design for the equivalent to Tier 2+/3 compliance - at $7800 each engine 

1. 100% GUARANTEED INSTALLATION within your project timeline: Cummins KTA50G3 are the only engine that can be delivered and installed in time.
2. MORE PROVEN + RELIABLE: Cummins KTA50G3 are the most reliable generator in its class. Our system offers more redundancy and has a tremendous history of reliability worldwide, whereas the competitors has no history or track record working in harsh conditions and less-than-ideal fuel.
3. EASIER TO SERVICE: Cummins KTA50G3 require first major services at 32,000 hours.
4. LOWEST OPEX: Cummins KTA50G3 are the most robust engine with the lowest cost of O&M, spares, and tooling from any other engine in its class (1 to 2.5MW LFO high speed) - proven to work on various LFOs of North America.
5. MOST COMPLETE TURNKEY PACKAGES: Our Cummins containerized new packages come complete with on-board radiators, whereas the competitors are remote radiators and require more installation time and cost. Our solutions come with 4000L each of on-board fuel and are ready to ship immediately. Our packages offer greater redundancy and a more robust, proven solution for cold weather conditions and various grades of LFO fuels available.
6. USA and Canadian CSA certified packages with advanced fire suppression, sound attenuation, and onboard controls optional.



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