New 3730kW EMD Kato Diesel Generator

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Item#: USP009022
Wattage: 3,730 kW
Make/Model: EMD Kato L12-710G78
Year of Mfr: 2008
Hours: New!
Fuel Type: Diesel
Frequency: 60 Hz
Additional Info:
Brand Description: ELECTRO MOTIVE (EMD) is a US company, 

A. Engine:
Quantity: 6 sets 
Power: 5000 BHP horsepower 
Speed: 900 r / min 
Model No. L12-710G78 
Production date: 2008.11 

B. Generator 
Brand KATO engineering 
Quantity: 6 sets 
Power: 3730kw 
Electricity: 3 phase 6 lines 
Frequency: 60HZ 
Voltage: 6600V (medium pressure) 
Current: 494A
Temperature rise: 80 ℃
Ambient temperature: 50 ° C
Insulation class: F
Protection class: IP44
Code: 8912-4000
Mode No.: AA27921002
Production date: 2008.11

c. Description:
1. Diesel engine for the 20-cylinder, V-type, two-stroke medium-speed diesel engine, the bore is about 230mm, at full load, the fuel consumption of 5 US gallons per minute, about 1.135m3 / h, oil consumption 0.45 US gallons per hour, About 1.7L / h.

2. The entire unit for the original US imports, the entire unit weighs about 100 tons, about 15 meters in length, equipment, spare parts and tools stacked in the machine, not out of the box, the protection of the whole generator is better, the appearance of a new generator.

3. Plate coolers, fuel filters, oil filters, pumps and other ancillary equipment are installed in the unit's common base, well preserved, and the scene did not find the relevant distribution and control equipment.

4. Since the IMO Tier II nitrogen oxide emission standard is effective at 2011.1.1, the production date of these six units (2008.11) is earlier than the effective date, and the EIAPP certificate may be Tier I, and these six generators should not meet the new specifications If the original unit is Tier II, the latest standard Tier III will also take effect at 2016.1.11. If you are navigating in the NOx Emission Control Zone, you need to install SCR.

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