New 1966kW Caterpillar Natural Gas Generator

Price (USD): $689,884.00
Item#: USP009013
Wattage: 1,966 kW
Make/Model: Caterpillar CAT G3520C
Year of Mfr: 2011
Hours: New!
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Frequency: 50 Hz
Additional Info:
CAT Gas Genset Type: G3520C 
 Year: 2011; Voltage [V]: 400; Rating [kW]: 1966; Rating [kVA]: 2458; speed [RPM]: 1500; Frequency [Hz]: 50; SMU [hrs]: 0; Application: continuous; Enclosure: skid; condition: unused; Notes: Equipment: Gas Engine CAT G3520C, CAT SR4B Genend, Mktg Model Year 2012
L=6,5m, W=1,9m, H=2,4m, W=20 to 

Ask for prices of these optional extras:

1.     Silencer

2.     Gas train

min. inlet pressure 0,5 bar
max. inlet pressure 2,0 bar
outlet pressure 120 mbar
max. Operation pressure 4,0 bar until governor

Supplier - Dungs

3.     Roof cooler / Table cooler – location straight not on the roof
Roof cooler    
Separate tank   

4.     Control Panel

Control system comprises 2 switch cabinets, i.e. one module switch cabinet and a central control panel which may include the power components, if so required. The central control unit is designed with Com Ap compatible control (synchronising unit, mains net and generator protection), control panel OP270/10 and an ABB SACE power contactor (optional). The module cabinet comprises all components required for the management of the gas engine as well as for assessing of analogue data 



5.     Valves – 3 ways

Engine circuit                           

Air cooler circuit   

6.     Electrical pumps for two circuit cooling, engine and air cooler
Engine circuit                          
Air cooler circuit 

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