Used 1250kW Cummins / Onan Diesel Generator

Price (USD): $201,049.00
Item#: USP008982
Wattage: 1,250 kW
Make/Model: Cummins / Onan QSK45G4
Hours: ~40 Hours
Fuel Type: Diesel
Frequency: 50 Hz
Additional Info:
General Specifications V-12, 4-Cycle, Diesel Engine
Bore 6.26 in (159 mm)
Stroke 7.48 in (190 mm)
Displacement 45 L (2746 cubic in)
Engine Power* 1200-2250 hp
(895-1678 kW)
Aspiration Aftercooled/Intercooled
Weight (wet)** 13200 lb (5987 kg)
Coolant Capacity* 29.1 gal (110 L)
Lube Oil Capacity 48.0 gal (182 L)
Rotation Clockwise (viewed from
the front of the engine)

Standard Equipment.
Base Engine
■ Robust block and crankshaft says everything you need to know about durability and dependability
■ Ferrous Cast Ductile Iron pistons and improved cylinder head and cams for though applications
■ Camshaft and Gear Train: Large-diameter micro finished camshaft and heavy duty gear train with high contact ratio spur gears to provide higher capacities and greater durability
Electronic Engine Management
■ State-of-the-art control system features enhanced electronics integrated with upgraded sensors and powerful new Electronic Control Modules (ECM) for peak performance at high altitudes and under every load condition
■ Improved durable aluminum channel wiring harness allows easy servicing and prevents damage
Fuel System
■ High-pressure injection (HPI) fuel system provides optimum combustion for low emissions and good fuel economy
■ Single-stage turbocharging for easy servicing and weight savings
■ Designed and built by Cummins Turbo Technologies, they feature watercooled bearing housings for long-term reliability, and a larger compressor to provide higher airflows for maximum power and long life
Cooling System
■ 2-pump, 2-loop Low Temperature Aftercooling (LTA) system delivers the intake manifold temperatures that are required for Tier 2 emission levels
Cummins Prelub System
■ Prelub system distributes oil to rifles and friction surfaces before cranking, greatly extending life-to- rebuild
Oil Filtration
■ Two-stage Cummins oil filters, also available as Fleetguard®, combine full-flow and bypass filtration to effectively remove harmful sludge and up to three times as many contaminants to reduce engine wear
Worldwide Service Network
■ An established worldwide network with over 500 distributor facilities in nearly 190 countries, dedicated and empowered with the latest technical support tools and training to service your needs. Every hour, every day.


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