New 7050kW Wärtsilä Diesel Generator

Price (USD): $619,500.00
Item#: USP008418
Wattage: 7,050 kW
Make/Model: Wärtsilä W18V32
Year of Mfr: 2001
Fuel Type: Diesel
Frequency: 60 Hz
EPA Standard: Tier 2
Additional Info:
7050kW Wartsila W18V32 Diesel Gensets 
Four (5) sets available
Regulations: IMO Tier 2

Make: Wartsila
Manufacturing year: 2001
Model: W18V32
Fuel: Diesel oil
Rated out: 7290kW
Turbocharge type
Cylinder bore: 320mm
Piston stroke: 400mm
RPM: 720
Piston speed: 10m/s
Weight: 81.5ton
Size: 3020mm x 8620mm x 3905mm(H)

Make: Wartsila
Manufacturing year: 2001
General efficiency: 0.95-0.97

(Engine and Generator)
Size: 11825mm x 3360mm x 4280mm(H)
Weight: 133ton
This model is equipped a Variable Inlet Valve Closure unit.
This makes it possible to apply early inlet valve closure at high load, which in turn enables minimized NOx levels and reduced fuel consumption.


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