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USP&E has an enormous supply of new and used HFO powerplants, HFO generators, diesel generators, natural gas turbines, Cat generators, Cummins generators, and a large selection of generator accessories. We ship all size of generators around the world. We even have experience loading air planes with power generators the same day and sending them to the far reaches of the planet for clients in urgent need. Whatever you ask, be sure of one thing: We will do whatever it takes to make sure that we deliver way more than you expect. Call us today at +27-72-955-2560 or email and allow us to serve you by discussing your power application in detail and then preparing a quote for your review. Thank you for your interest in our HFO, diesel and natural gas generators and gensets and WELCOME to our website inventory.

18 Generators
$32,550,000.00 Item#: USP008923

268.0 MW 2013 Siemens V93/2 HFO Generator

POWER OUTPUT: 268 MW THERMAL OUTPUT: 87 Gcal/h FUEL TYPES: Heavy Fuel Oil and/or Natural Gas Main Equipment List: 2 x GAS TURBINES V93/2 by Siemens (older, rarely used,...
$16,537,500.00 Item#: USP008670

105.0 MW 2001 Wärtsilä 18V46 HFO Generator

~72000 Hours. 50 Hz, The plant is in excellent condition for sale. Company is very much interested for the joint venture for the O&M at any where in the world. If you want to buy the plant than...
$7,770,000.00 Item#: USP008883

100.0 MW 1998 Hyundai HiMSEN 12K 90MC HFO Generator

~100000 Hours. 50 Hz, Make. Hyundai MAN B & W Model. 12 K 90 MC YOM. 1998 Rating. 2 x...
$4,200,000.00 Item#: USP008644

52.0 MW 2000 MAN 16V32/40 HFO Generator

~12000 Hours. 50 Hz, 52MW Complete package with all accessories 50hz Simple Cycle Power Plant 7 engines YOM 2000 HFO
Call For Price Item#: USP008979

36.0 MW 1999 MAN 12V48/60 HFO Generator

~37000 Hours. No Enclosure, 50 Hz, USED! 36mW HFO Power plant consisting of (3) 12V48/60 MAN B&W Diesel gensets; 12,350kW, Pme: 22.7; RPM: 500; Siemens Alternators: 11kV, 805 amps, 15,340KVA; Duty Type: S1; Power...
$33,600,000.00 Item#: USP008907

27.9 MW 2015 Rolls Royce B32: 40V12A HFO Generator

Low Hours. 60 Hz, 27.9 MW Brand New Diesel Generators(fuel:HFO) (5587kW x 2 +4190kW x 4 = 27,934kW Rolls-Royce) (5587kW Engine) Make: Rolls-Royce(Norway) Manufacturing year: 2015...
Call For Price Item#: USP008855

26.0 MW 1997 Wärtsilä 18V32LN HFO Generator

~59000 Hours. 50 Hz, The power generation part consists of four identical generating sets using WARTSILA VASA 18V32 LN diesel engines as prime movers driving generators type ABB HSG 900XS8...
$7,308,000.00 Item#: USP008718

17.1 MW 2016 Wärtsilä 18V50DF HFO Generator

60 Hz, TRI FUEL - Diesel, HFO, and Natural Gas, HFO, Diesel New Surplus Wartsila 18v50DF Tri-Fuel 47.2% RATED ELECTRICAL EFFICIENCY !! 7616 KJ/KWHR HEAT RATE !! See Specs...
$1,260,000.00 Item#: USP008616

15.0 MW 1997 Wärtsilä 18V32LN HFO Generator

~18000 Hours. 50 Hz, 1. Wartsila Power Plant 15 MW. a) 2*18V32LN Wartsila HFO engine Total 12.4 MW Year 1997, Voltage-6.6 Kv, Hz-50, Run Hrs-18000 b) 1*W18V200 Wartsila HFO...
$2,310,000.00 Item#: USP008480

12.5 MW 1993 MAN 9L58/64 HFO Generator

Low Hours. 50 Hz, MAN 9L58/64 HFO Gensets Engine Technical Specification and Operation data 1. Diesel engine main technical data Type: MAN 9L58/64 YoM: 1993 Less than 9000 running hours...
$3,780,000.00 Item#: USP009008

7.79 MW 2013 STX-NIIGATA 16V34HLX HFO Generator

50 Hz, STX-NIIGATA model 16V34HLX. Fuel HFO/Diesel. Rated at 7789 kw, 50 hz, 600 rpm, Hyundai Alternator11kV. Built in 2013. Scope of Supply: Engine complete One (1) set of...
$771,750.00 Item#: USP009066

7.70 MW 2008 Wärtsilä W18V32 HFO Generator

~39725 Hours. 50 Hz, We have one W18V32 Wartsila 7.7 MW very good set available for sale. Plant is in operation & very well maintained. Load Trial is possible.
$341,250.00 Item#: USP008756

6.50 MW 1999 MAN Type 14V 32/40 HFO Generator

~65000 Hours. 50 Hz, Engine – MAN B&W, Type 14V 32/40. Year of Manufacture - 1999. Fuel : HFO Total Hours – 65k. Hours since last service - 1,600. Leroy Somer Alternator : – 50 Hz –...
$677,250.00 Item#: USP008858

6.20 MW 2000 Niigata 18V32CLX HFO Generator

50 Hz, Engine Make – Niigata 18V32CLX KW - 6218 Rpm - 600 R/S - 10 Mfg. dt. – 11/2000 Spec. no. A C Generator Make – TDPS Type- TD172 KVA-7625 p.f. - 0.80 Duty - Ic -...
Call For Price Item#: USP008647

6.00 MW 1997 Wärtsilä 18V32 HFO Generator

Low Hours. 50 Hz, 6MW Model 18V32 G/D Wartsila 18V32 G/D 1994 101 000 hours 6 000Kw 50Hz HFO 1 Complete package with all accessories including large amount of spare parts. Cogen...
$1,680,000.00 Item#: USP007978

5.22 MW 2005 Wärtsilä W12V32 HFO Generator

Low Hours. No Enclosure, 50 Hz, 5.225MW Wartsila W12V32 Fuel: HFO Year of Mfg : 2005 Running Hrs : 40000hrs LAST MAINTENANCE DONE AT 37000 HOURS Shipping Charges Extra
Call For Price Item#: USP008967

2.96 MW 2000 Wärtsilä 8R32LN-D HFO Generator

60 Hz, Wartsila 8R32LN-D HFO D/G SET 3500 KVA Available ex-stock for supply – Complete D/G Set for WARTSILA 8R32LN-D – 3500 KVA Details for engine – WARTSILA NSD builder /...
Call For Price Item#: USP008972

106 kW 2000 Wärtsilä 18V46 HFO Generator

~70000 Hours. 1 No. 106 MW Wartsila (2000) make HFO fired Power Plant, comprising of 7 Nos. Wartsila make, type 18V46 HFO Generator Sets. The above Power Plant is in excellent condition &...