Used 100000kW Caterpillar HFO Generator

Price (USD): $13,125,000.00
Item#: USP008257
Wattage: 100,000 kW
Make/Model: Caterpillar 16CM32
Year of Mfr: 2004
Hours: Low Hours
Fuel Type: HFO
Frequency: 50 Hz
Additional Info:
100MW Cat Diesel/HFO Plant

Power Plant Description
Year of Manufacture: 2004
Configuration: 14 Units Rated 7.680 MW each
Total Output: 100MW 
Frequency: 50 Hz 
Voltage: 11000 volts 
Model Engines: Caterpillar 16CM32 Diesel/HFO Generator Sets
Fuel used: HFO 1500 180 cSt
Last overhaul done:	60,000hrs carried out

Technical Details (14*CAT Engines)
Engine Details
Manufacture: MAK / Caterpillar Motor 
Model: CAT 16CM32C
Nominal Output: 7680 kW
Nominal Speed: 750 RPM
Rotation: Counter Clockwise
Charger: ABB TPL 65 - A 30
Fuel Injection Pump: L'Orange PEO-GO 62 A
Fuel injector: Mak E 2/1
Lube Oil type: SAE 40
These are Four-stroke engines / direct injection / V-Engine / Year of manufacture 2004

Alternator Details
Manufacturer: AVK DEUTSCHLAND 
Type: DIG171m/8
Voltage: 11000 V
Output: 9127 kVA
Frequency: 50 Hz


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