New 268000kW Siemens HFO Generator

Price (USD): $32,550,000.00
Item#: USP008923
Wattage: 268,000 kW
Make/Model: Siemens V93/2
Year of Mfr: 2013
Fuel Type: HFO
Additional Info:
FUEL TYPES: Heavy Fuel Oil and/or Natural	Gas
Main Equipment List: 2 x	GAS TURBINES V93/2 by Siemens (older, rarely used, standby equipment, less than 500 hours in operation, 1980)	
1	x	SGT-600	by	Siemens	(new	equipment,	2011)
1	x	SKODA	Steam	Turbine	MTD	40	C	(new	equipment,	2012)	
2	x	Steam	HRSG	Babcock	Borsig	(new	equipment,	2011)
3	Water	heating	boilers	(41,7MWt	+2*22,5MWt,	2012)
Auxiliary	Equipment	List	 Available
Balance of Plant 95% is available: ACC, water supply, water treatment, district
heating, feed water system, fuel supply facilities, transformers,
diesel fuel tanks will be part of Balance of Plant; some piping and
electrical parts are missing
Plant	Design:	 General	Layout	Design	available	
Warranties: No	warranties	on	equipment	available	but	the	equipment	is
being	stored	as	per	the	OEM	instructions	in	Heated	Storage;	
However,	for	SGT-600,	Siemens	can	conditionally	extend warranty
Inspection: Full Inspection Report carried out	by SGS in Dec 2017, which is available to interested parties


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