Used 12000kW Toshiba HFO Generator

Price (USD): $2,310,000.00
Item#: USP009137
Wattage: 12,000 kW
Make/Model: Toshiba T5000A-BER(PU5000B-ER)
Year of Mfr: 2018
Hours: 1000 Hours
Fuel Type: HFO
Frequency: 50 Hz
Additional Info:
12mW  HFO Power Plant Emergency Synchronous Generators manufactured by: Toshiba :
The power generator consists of a gas turbine, AC generator, and auxiliary equipment necessary
for operation. It shall be mounted on a common base and housed inside an outer case.
• The outer box has a door attached with HINGE and shall be lockable.
•1000 Running Hours for Service and Maintenance Purpose only.

Exhaust system:  Single exhaust system

• In the outside box The main equipment to be installed is as follows:
• 1. Gas turbine Kawasaki MIT-26 (including reduction gear) Hitachi Model MPG160-23:  3 units
• 2. Alternator 3 units
• 3. Starter motors
• 4. Fuel supply system
• 5. Lubricant oil supply device

Coupling method:
• The gas turbine main shaft is coupled with the generator through the reduction gear and the coupling

Startup method:  DC motor start powered by storage battery

Speed characteristics:  isochronous control

Key points of the gas turbine that drives the generator are as follows:

• Format: Simple release cycle 1 axis type
Construction Consists of a centrifugal two-stage compressor, an axial flow four-stage turbine, a single-tube can combustor and a reduction gear,
• Output:  4,347kw (40℃)
• Rotational speed: Turbine main shaft  22,000min⁻1
• Output axis 1,500min⁻1
• Reduction gear: Planetary + Parallel gear reducer
• Starter motor: Electric type
• Fuel controller: Electric type A heavy oil No. 1 (JIS K 2205)
• Fuel used Oil type: Synthetic base oil (AEROSHELL ASTO-500)
• Used lubricating oil: Oil amount: 240L

Manufacturers Recommended Fuel property limit conditions:
• Heavy fuel oil :
• 1. Dynamic viscosity (50 ° C): 2.0 to 2.8 mm2 / s
• 2. Sulfur content: 0.5% wt or less
• 3. 10% residual oil residual carbon content: 0.55% wt or less
• 4. Density (15 ° C): 865 kg / mm3 or less

Alternators specifications: .
• Format:  Protective type, free air flow type (IP22)
• Construction: Horizontal axis type, rotating field type
• Rated capacity: 5000kv
• Rated output :     4000kw
• Rated voltage:    6,600V
• Rated current:       437A(reference)
• Rated power factor:  0.8 (delay)
• Rated continuous:  Continuous
• Frequency: 50Hz

Includes: Transformers (2 Units)
• Type: Load tap switching
• Standard JEC-220-2014
• Phase number 3
• Rated frequency 50Hz
• Cooling method ONAN / ONAF
• Rated Capacity (KVA) Primary 20000/22000 Secondary 20000/22000
• Rated voltage (V) primary 6600 secondary 6600
• Rated current (A) primary 175/192 secondary 1750/1925
• Test voltage value (KV) primary L1 350 AC 140 secondary L1 60 AC22
• Temperature rise limit
• Number of turns 65K Oil 60K
• 23T each in weight


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