Used 24900kW Wärtsilä HFO Generator

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Item#: USP009154
Wattage: 24,900 kW
Make/Model: Wärtsilä 12v32E
Year of Mfr: 1994
Hours: ~50000 Hours
Fuel Type: HFO
Frequency: 50 Hz
Additional Info:
Generator size: 24.9MW HFO
Consists of (6 ea) Engine model: 4MW each Wartsila 12V32E and complete Balance of Plant.
Number of hours: approx 50,0000 - Since new
Enclosure: open 
Overall condition: Excellent
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12V32E Wartsila Vasa  Finland
Year of Manufacture	1994	 
Units    6 available
Ratings	 4150 KW
Frequency   50hz
Voltage 6.6V
Type of Alternator	 LSA 58,S6-8P
Ratings	 5000 KVA/4000 KW
Type and make of Governor	 PGG-58 
Type of fuel used	 H.F.O./H.S.D.
Specific Fuel (H.F.O.) consumption	 217.56 gms/KWH
Specific Lub Oil consumption	 1.03 gms/KWH
Type and make of  Fuel pump	 PEO-GO-30 
Type and make  of Lub oil used 	 Shell Argina x 40
Pump & Filter unit make and capacity	 Wartsila 
Flow meter Type & make	 Screw Rockwin
No of HFO separator	2 Nos.
Type and make	 ALFA LAVAL MOPX 213
Type and make of Lub oil separator	 ALFA LAVAL MOPX 207
Lub oil Filter Type and make	 FFP-32040 FINN - 
Lub Oil PhE  make	 RE-HEAT
Lub oil  Thermostat Make	 AMOT
HT water PHE make	 REHEAT
HT thermostat make	  AMOT
LT PHE make	    REHEAT
Pre lub oil make	 IMO
Charge air filter 	OIL BATHTYPE
Make 	 LOCKERAIR Maze-England
No of Charge air silencer size  and make	 ONE,NS-700 
Exhaust silencer Size and make	 NS-800 PAL-MET
No of exhaust bellows and size	 02, NS500
Size and of Bellows after engine T/c 	 NS 500
No of SS bellows connecting engine piping	 10 Nos.
Ventilation system	    Wet type
Cooling Pumps capacity	    40 HP
EoT crane make and capacity	   BUC, 5 TON
WHR BOILER	    Thermax


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