New 124000kW GE Natural Gas Generator

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Item#: USP009123
Wattage: 124,000 kW
Make/Model: GE Frame 9E
Year of Mfr: 2009
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Frequency: 50 Hz
Additional Info:
General Electric -GE Frame 9E -  PG9171(E) 
Design Output 		124 MW 
Design Heat Rate 	Net Heat Rate at generator Terminals kJ/KWh 10 716 ±1% 
DLN System 		DLN1 
Commissioning Date 	2009 
Shut-Down Date 	November 
2017 Total Fired Time 	56500 
Planned Maintenance Date 2012  Hot gas path Inspection,  2015  Major Inspection 
Rated Output / Terminal Voltage 150 MVA – 15 kV 
Transformers Step up Transformer :153 MVA  
Transformer: 	10 MVA – 15kV/ 6,3 kV _ 2 MVA 6,3kV/0,4 kV 
Auxiliary Equipment’s 
Lubricating system 
Air Processing Unit 
Cooling Water system 
Starting means system 
Gas fuel system 
Fire Protection system 
Inlet Bleed heating system 
Hydraulic supply system 
Ventilation System 
Compressor washing system 
Inlet and exhaust system 
HRSG Model / Type Nooter Erikson 212 t/h 41 barg 435 °C 
HRSG Modules: 
HP Superheater 2 
HP Superheater 1 
HP Evaporator 
HP Economizer 
HP Drum Platforms, stairs, Ladders 
Interconnecting Piping and valves 
Exhaust Stack Economizer bypass system


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