New 43000kW Siemens Natural Gas Generator

Price (USD): $8,189,967.00
Item#: USP008271
Wattage: 43,000 kW
Make/Model: Siemens SGT 800
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Frequency: 50 Hz
Additional Info:
43MW Siemens SGT 800 Gas Turbine – Dual Fuel Units

Gas Turbine
Model: Siemens GT 800 of 43 MWe (nominal-ISO)
Type: Axial Flux
Pressure Ratio: 19,6/1 (ISO)
Exhaust Gas Flow (Nominal): 120 kg/s (ISO)
Exhaust Gas Temperature (Nominal): 546 ºC (ISO)
Fuel: Natural Gas/Liquid Fuel
Burners: 30
Heat Rate: 9720kJ/kWh
Dry Low Emissions (DLE) NOx (w/ natural gas): ≤ 15 ppmV
Rotor weight (w/ blades): 7.860 kg
Total weight: 28.375 kg

Type: TX 112/43
Maximum Efficiency: 55MW
Design: Double helical
Bearing Type: Cylindrical with "offset" halves

Manufacturer: ABB
Model: GBA 1250A LF
Cooling System: Air / Water
Power: 56.250 kVA
Frequency: 50Hz
Power Factor: 0.80PF
Current: 2952 A
Excitation Type: GLC 600
Excitation Output: 114kVA
Excitation: 83/13 V/A
Required cooling water flow: 96,5 m3/h

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