New 34000kW Siemens Natural Gas Generator

Price (USD): $16,275,000.00
Item#: USP008804
Wattage: 34,000 kW
Make/Model: Siemens SGEN5-100A-2P
Year of Mfr: 2011
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Frequency: 50 Hz
Additional Info:
Make: Hitachi (=MHPS)(Japan) /Siemens(Germany)
(Hitachi and Mitsubishi was merged in 2013.The name of Hitachi was changed into MHPS.)

Manufacturing year: September/2011

Comissioning year: January/2012

Stopped year: October/2013


1. Gas Turbine

(General specification)

Make: Hitachi (=MHPS)(Japan)

Manufacturing year: September/2011

Model: H-25

Output: 34,000KW

Simple type

Single shaft type

Horizontal split casting, stacking rotor type

3 stages impulse type

Efficiency: 34.8% LHV

Heat rate: 10350 kJ/kWh

Heat rate: 9806 Btu/kWh

Exaust flow: 96.6 kg/s

Inlet pressure: 1.67MPa

Exaust pressure: 1.13 kPa

Number of stages: 3

RPM: 7275

Inlet temp.: 1280°C

Exaust temp.:568°C



Reverse flow type

10 can combustors

Slot cooling


(Compressor specification)

17 stages axial type

Inlet pressure:- 1.329kPa

Exaust pressure: 1.67MPa

Inlet temp.: -1°C

Exaust temp: 448°C

Number of stages: 17

Compressor RPM: 7275



(General specification)

Make: Siemens(Germany)

Year: 2011

Type: Synchronous

Rated power: 37778kVA

Rated current: 1897A

RPM: 3000

Volts: 11500 Volt


HZ: 50hz

Phase: 3

Connection: Y

Poles: 2

Phase Sequence: U1,V1,W1

Direction of rotation: CCW

Type of Excitation: Self Excitation

Power factor: 0.90

Exc. Volts: 96V

Exc. Amps: 897A

Degree of protection: IP54

Cooling type: Air cooling: IC8A1W7

Cooling air temp.: 14°C

Class of Insulation: F

Temperature rise correspondos to class: B

Rating and performance standard: IEC 80034



Gas turbine+base: 47ton

Generator:85ton(Rotor weight:14.6ton, Stator weight:35.5ton)

Lube oil tank, reduction gear and auxiliaries: 82ton

Air intake system: 51ton

Exaust system:7ton


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