USP&E Telemetry

USP&E professional power plant and generator services are complemented by a full suite of remote monitoring and efficiency tools to improve clients' operations and reduce capital expenditures.

USP&E is proposing to offer the following services to complement equipment procurement, equipment deployment, equipment maintenance and overall power station site stability.

  • Remote equipment Telemetry
  • Remote equipment inventory tracking
    • Mobile equipment (e.g. mobile emergency generators)
    • Static equipment
  • Equipment statistics
    • Hours utilized on generators
      • Historical hours utilized
      • "New" hours used defined by client timelines
    • Amount of fuel currently loaded
    • Amount of fuel used
      • Customize statistics to represent client needs
      • Calculations of fuel costs over time
    • Alarming
      • Client defined alarm monitoring points
      • Emergency notifications at un-manned locations
      • Potential capability of remote shut-down
    • Energy consumption
      • Average electrical load
      • Peak electrical load
      • Average Frequency
      • In-rush / spike information
  • Data Center Efficiencies
    • General energy efficiency
    • Average heat load
    • Average cooling load capacity
    • Average cooling supplied
    • Generator use
      • Generator efficiency
      • Fuel load
        • Current
        • Historical
      • Frequency
      • Overall electrical load
      • Peak electrical load

The services offered above are a sample of typical metrics. All statistics will be delivered to the client via a customized, secured web-portal dedicated to the client. Further, desired statistics from the client may be made available to the public.