USP&E Designs, Sells, Builds, & Operates HFO Powerplants, Diesel Generators & Natural Gas Turbines Worldwide.

US Power and Environment (USP&E) is the most respected and trusted supplier of power station EPC and O&M services in emerging markets around the world. We build, provide engineering for, offer installation for, and provide service for conventional and renewable power solutions tailored to meet any requirement up to 500MW.

US Power and Environment is a complete turnkey energy generation services company that focuses on HFO power plants, portable mobile diesel generators, and new and used gas turbines. USP&E designs, ships, supplies, installs, commissions, and services a wide selection of power generation equipment which includes:

  • HFO Power Plants - Containerized & Portable Diesel Generators that will run on Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)
  • Diesel Generators, Natural Gas Generators, Dual-Fuel Generators and Gas Turbine Generators. Our company has strategic associations with Hyundai, Wärtsilä, Niigata, MAN, Cummins, Baldor, Perkins, MTU/Detroit Diesel, Cat, Fairbanks Morse, Waukesha, as well as our own USP&E brand of generators
  • Transformers, Electrical Switchgear, Generator Trailers, Sound Enclosure Packaging, and Tanks
  • Data Center equipment such as Switchgear, PDUs, UPSs, Liebert Air Conditioners, and Flooring

If you need containerized HFO generators, a HFO power plant, new and used diesel generators or new and used gas turbines for your next project, please email or call us and we will happily help you with engineering, construction, commissioning, feasibility studies, procurement, installation, and ongoing service and maintenance. Contact us to speak to a professional who will understand/listen to your requirements and send you a proposal.

We provide service technicians that work globally, regardless of how remote your location. USP&E ships and installs emergency prime power solutions and diesel generators in: West Australia, UK, Ghana, Colombia, Liberia, USA, Philippines, Mali, Guatemala, Mauritania, Bangladesh, Poland, Thailand, Sierra Leone, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, South Africa, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Fiji, Eritrea, Island of Comoros, The UAE, Tanzania, Venezuela, and many more.


USP&E Customizable MTU Marine Generators

MTU Marine GeneratorsUSP&E and one of our strategic partners offer custom marine power generators for on board and platform applications.

  • Diesel Powered MTU Engines
  • Customized module package
  • Ideal for shipping and Oil and Gas
  • Fully Marine certified

  • Contact Us For More Information About Custom Marine Generators

    New Product: Fuelade

    Fuelade USP&E now has a new product that is non-toxic, non-abrasive, and environmentally safe while enhancing combustion in diesel engines. Fuelade helps to:

    • Decrease carbon in emission from diesel fuel
    • Reduce engine wear and therefore maintenance costs
    • Improve fuel efficiency
    Just one liter of concentrated Fuelade can treat 8,000 liters of diesel.

    Learn more about Fuelade

    Project Video Awesomeness

    video about HFO power station epc HFO Power Station EPC
    From feasibility to commissioning, solutions for engineering, procurement, and construction in emerging markets.
    video about power station o&m Power Station O&M
    Watch here to learn how we leverage our proprietary SMARTpower online platform in order to operate and maintain our clients' HFO Generators, Gas Turbines & Renewable Solutions.
    video about usp&E About USP&E
    Watch as we design, procure, build, and operate your HFO Generators, Gas Turbine Power Station, Renewable Power Plant, and Diesel Generators.
    video about constrcution Power Plant Construction
    This video animation demonstrates how a complete containerized HFO generator or diesel power plant is constructed by USP&E.
    video about diversity Unique Diversity & Culture
    USP&E concentrates on diversity, bringing in experts from all corners of the world to create the best possible team. Call us today and let us put our team to work for you.
    More Videos...

    Diesel Generator Showcase

    hfo power station constructionHFO Generators
    USP&E is lead EPC for the next phase of the (eventual 190MW) HFO Power Plant in Marampa, Sierra Leone, Africa. You can follow the progress in our power plant construction photo blog.
    data center generatorData Center Generators
    USP&E has experience building state of the art data centers across the country. You can follow the progress in our data center construction photo blog.

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    Diesel Generators

    Diesel Generator 2.00 MW 2008 XQ2000 Diesel Generator. ~1300 Hours. 1250.00gal Fuel Tank, Sound Attenuated Enclosure, 60 Hz, -Triple - Axle chassis -Powered by CAT 3516C... Diesel Generator 1.25 MW 2014 KTA50-G9 Diesel Generator. Sound Attenuated Enclosure, 60 Hz, -277/480 V -0.8 PF -1800 RPM -ISO 40ft... Diesel Generator 880 kW 2001 3508 B Diesel Generator. ~32 Hours. No Enclosure, 50 Hz, -400 Volt -1500 RPM -Alternator CAT SR4B... Diesel Generator 440 kW 2014 C15 Diesel Generator. Sound Attenuated Enclosure, 50 Hz, -3 Phase -1800 RPM -0.8PF -400/230V -EMCP... Diesel Generator 125 kW 2002 D125P1 Diesel Generator. ~130 Hours. 300.00gal Fuel Tank, Weather Enclosure, 60 Hz, -3 Phase -480 volts -.8 PF -1800 RPM... More Diesel Generators »

    Natural Gas Generators

    Natural Gas Generator 4.05 MW 18 V220 SG Natural Gas Generator. ~22000 Hours. 50 Hz, WARSILLA Brand 4280 KVA Power Type 18 V220 SG... Natural Gas Generator 3.50 MW 501-KB5 Natural Gas Generator. Sound Attenuated Enclosure, 60 Hz, -Fully reconditioned gas turbines, gearboxes,... Natural Gas Generator 3.00 MW 2008 TCG 2020V16 OLS Natural Gas Generator. Low Hours. Weather Enclosure, 60 Hz, -Deutz TCG 2020 V16 OLS Engine G1 – 2,194 hrs... Natural Gas Generator 2.00 MW 2001 GSU 16 PTK Natural Gas Generator. Low Hours. 60 Hz, ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED / PANEL CONTRÔLE / PANEL... Natural Gas Generator 100 kW 2001 G100F1 Natural Gas Generator. ~220 Hours. Weather Enclosure, 60 Hz, -3 Phase -120/208V -1800 RPM -Ford LSG875... More Natural Gas Generators »

    Large Power Stations

    Large Power Station 150.0 MW 1988 GT13E Natural Gas Power Station. 150 MW POWER PLANT FOR SALE USED GAS TURBINE... Large Power Station 48.0 MW LM6000PD Natural Gas Power Station. 50 Hz, 2 x New GE LM6000PD 48 Mw gas 2 turbines GE LM... Large Power Station 12.5 MW 2009 SST 300 Steam Power Station. 50 Hz, - Single casing steam turbine - Full turboset... Large Power Station 10.9 MW 1990 MAN B&W 18V40/45. HFO Power Station. 50 Hz, - MAN B&W 18V40/45. - HORSEPOWER 10890KW -... Large Power Station 4.86 MW 1994 12V32E Diesel Power Station. ~2000 Hours. No Enclosure, 60 Hz, -Marine Generator Set -6600V -720 RPM -0.8... More Large Power Stations »
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