DCLeap™ DataCenter On-Line Uninterruptable Power System (UPS)

DCLeap™ Uninterruptable Power Systems are fully integrated compact AC Line and Backup Source providing high availability and clean backup power for small to medium datacenter applications. The UPS provides extended DCLink backup source with GenLeap™, SunLeap™ or EcoLeap™ to eliminate the need for AC generators. The DCLeap™ compact UPS or DCLink™ backup source provides lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by significantly reducing Capex, Installation and Operating expense. The high efficiency integrated solutions significantly reduce the energy costs for a datacenter site by reducing batteries, eliminating high maintenance AC gensets, transfer switches and losses with DC/AC inverters. The high voltage DCLink buss and DSP controlled SLIM inverters provide increased efficiency (96%) in the backup mode while reducing significant cooling and floor space demand for the datacenter equipment.

  • True Green Data Center option with renewable energy or lower cost alternative fuel
  • AC Input and Output 208/230/240/380Vac Nominal, 50/60Hz
  • Modular 2.5KW, 5KW and 10KW inverter options for 5 KW - 250 KW UPS
  • DCLink™ options include telecom 48 Vdc, or high voltage 288 Vdc and 380 Vdc DC buss
  • Compact high density DSP controlled inverters and high capacity racks
  • High Inverter efficiency ~ 96%
  • DC backup power source with GenLeap™, SunLeap™ and EcoLeap™ technologies
  • Over 35% tax incentives with fuel cell or green solar backup power.
  • Outdoor and indoor options
  • Modular redundant building blocks allowing pay-as-you-grow model