USP&E Green Power Systems

EcoLeap™ Power System
EcoLeap™ power systems are fully integrated DC or AC power solutions, providing optimal performance, reliability, and versatility for primary or backup power for telecom, commercial, residential & industrial applications.
DCLeap™ DataCenter On-Line Uninterruptable Power System (UPS)
DCLeap™ Uninterruptable Power Systems are fully integrated compact AC Line and Backup Source providing high availability and clean backup power for small to medium datacenter applications.
GenLeap™ Air Cooled or Water Cooled DC Power Generation System
GenLeap™ power generation systems are fully integrated DC power solutions, providing versatility, reliability, and optimum performance for backup/primary power for wireless networks, CATV/broadband applications, and remote terminal cabinets.
SineLeap™ Line Interactive Convection Cooled Uninterruptable Power System (UPS)
SineLeap™ outdoor line interactive UPS system provides highly versatile and reliable power conditioning and backup power for LED Traffic Control, Public Utility, Telecom Networks, Solar Power Systems, CATV Networks, and Industrial Remote Terminal Units (RTUs).
SunLeap™ Solar Power System
SunLeap™ solutions are fully integrated DC or AC power distributed power generation systems, providing high efficiency, lower total cost of ownership, and forward compatibility for remote applications.