Alternative Natural Gas Gensets Power Supply Mix

Power companies are progressively switching to Alternative Natural Gas Gensets to fuel their electricity plants, motivated by low prices and forecasts of vast supplies for years to come. While the trend started in the late 1990s, the impetus is quickening and comes at the expense of coal. Some utilities are closing coal-fired plants; others are converting them to operate Natural Gas Gensets.

The switch to Natural Gas Gensets is occurring globally and is getting a push from regulators who want to limit emissions that contribute to climate change, haze and health problems such as respiratory illness. Though efforts in Congress to pass legislation attaching a price to carbon emissions appear stalled for now, utilities still anticipate eventual carbon restrictions. Some Authorities for example, have already announced a 20-year development plan that emphasizes on nuclear and gas, and includes fewer coal units. Natural Gas for Natural Gas Gensets in southern Africa is available from South Africa and Mozambique. These are the main suppliers in the region. These two countries significantly contribute to the global supply of natural gas in the world. For the African market this is an opportunity to switch to Natural Gas Gensets with gas fuel which has been proven to be environmentally safe, with higher efficiency and available at a lower cost compared to diesel.  

The increasing environmental, economic and technological benefits of natural gas have persuaded a lot of power generation companies to opt for Natural Gas Gensets. Although coal is the cheapest fossil fuel in African markets it poses more threat as coal is more polluting compared to natural gas. Natural gas in Natural Gas Gensets plays an imperative role in generating clean electricity. Alternative Natural Gas Gensets have increasingly been sold around the world in the past decade. Development of natural gas engines has proven to be an attractive alternative in the power generation industry as they are more reliable, more affordable and more efficient. They allow more control over the supply of power. However usage of Alternative Natural Gas Gensets is heavily reliant on a steady supply of natural gas around the location of the project.

USP&E as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) with operations around the world’s emerging markets has been commissioning Natural Gas Gensets from Cape to Cairo over the last decade. USP&E as a specialized IPP believes that experience is key.  Due to the power shortfalls in African countries USP&E has been providing turnkey solutions to industries addressing the shortfall that exist from local utility companies due to the rapidly growing economies and industries in Africa. Available from USP&E are numerous Alternative Natural Gas Gensets for sale or rental for the African Market. Various brands on offer include Wartsila, CAT, Pratt and Whitney, and Siemens. USP&E uses gas as an option wherever it is available and our fleet of Natural Gas Gensets enables us to provide turnkey solutions in record time in emerging markets. Contact us today for detailed information on Natural Gas Gensets either for rental or purchase!  

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