Baldor Generators are a Great Buy



Baldor Electric builds the hands down best, toughest, most readily customizable industrial motor and drive in the US. Baldor has been  at longer than any other existing company and their dedication to quality and value are tangible.

One of the reasons for Baldor's success is its committment, from senior management all the way down to the men and women on the facotry floor, to building a product in here in the US, from parts that were made by Baldor here in the US. This is a critical aspect of Baldor's value formula in that their customers get higher quality product faster, with few delays, and more flexible custom options. Not only is Baldor'sproduct superior in terms of energy efficiency, design, durability and availability, but its warranty policies are unmatched in the world.

One of the primary benefits of a Baldor Generator (as like many of its competitors, Baldor does not manufacture engines) is that Baldor builds its own alternators here in the US, with the same care and precision and integrity as Baldor employs in their Industrial Motor and Drive divsions.

Baldor's believes that their customers should be able to customize their generator packages, from customer enclosures to tanks and trailers - and no nasty 52 - 104 week lead times either! Baldor Generators is growing so fast to meet the intense demand that the Oshkosh, WI, manufacturing facility is currently doubling its size and capabilities.

US Power & Environment is a proud distributor and repair center for Baldor Generator.