Diesel: Powering the Engine of the Global Economy

Diesel: Powering the Engine of the Global Economy Diesel fuel is the lifeblood of the global economy. The diesel industry contributes $85 billion annually to the national economy, and greater use of diesel technology has led to remarkable gains in productivity and efficiency. 

Vital economic arenas in the industrializing and industrialized marketplaces of the world that are critically dependent on diesel include:
Mass and Personal Transportation:
Diesel buses move 14 million people to their jobs and schools every day. Diesel trucks, trains, boats and barges move 94 percent of the nation’s goods – more than 18 million tons of freight each day. There are also more and more vehicles being produced each year that use diesel and diesel hybrid fuel. World Wide Construction:Diesel powers nearly all of the heavy equipment that builds our roads, bridges, homes, cities, mines, hospitals and schools. Farming and Agriculture:Diesel fuels two-thirds of all agricultural equipment and is the workhorse of the twenty-first century farm. What Makes Diesel Different?

Diesel is the dominant power source in key sectors of the economy, thanks to a combination of unique attributes.Maximum Efficiency

No other internal combustion engine in the world is more fuel-efficient.Optimal Durability

Diesel engines routinely run for hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of miles. Application Flexibility

From a 10-horsepower hand-held engine to a 2,500-horsepower mining truck, diesel can power virtually any sized job.Proven Performance

Constantly evolving, diesel is a familiar and proven technology with an existing fueling infrastructure and a 100-year trackrecord of proven, reliable results. Required PowerDiesel delivers the torque and power necessary to complete tough jobs.