FUEL EFFICIENCY OPTIMIZATION: What Gets Measured, Gets Managed.

USP&E offers fuel efficiency optimization that can save your operation millions.

At USP&E, our online diesel generator fuel efficiency & O&M software tool is called SMARTpower: Intelligent Logistics. SMARTpower performs a number functions including emergency response, spare parts expediting and  tracking, project management and fuel efficiency optimization. 

With respect to Fuel Efficiency Optimization, SMARTpower measures and communicates via secure access exactly how much power your diesel or natural gas power station is producing, how much fuel you are using, what we are doing to optimize your power station on a hour-by-hour basis onsite and remotely, and USP&E's dynamic strategies to extend asset life and achieve real results. 

Our SMARTpower online management tool is a robust and truly unique and helpful tool in the remote power station marketplace. What gets measured, gets managed.  USP&E Operates and Maintains our power stations through superior general planned maintenance and through emphasizing and communicating mission critical metrics. 

USP&E: Powering Business. Empowering People.