Primary Components of an HFO Diesel Generator Package

Primary Components of an HFO Diesel Generator Package Heavy fuel oil (HFO) generator sets, with unit output ranging from 500kW to 10,000kW, at 500rpm~1200rpm, are an ideal main power supply or emergency (standby) power supply for industrial park, mining enterprises, rural area, and island. 

Fuel System Main Equipment: 

1. Crude centrifugal separator—Treatment of H.F.O engine fuel 

2. Conditioning unit(Including fuel supply boosting and fuel circulation)---provide the H.F.O engine with fuel oil at constant flowrate, pressure and viscosity (temperature) 

 Lube Oil System Main Equipment: 

1. Lube oil centrifugal separator—Purifying of H.F.O engine lube oil 

2. Automatic back-flushing filter—Ensure the quality of lube oil into H.F.O engine Cooling Water System

Main Equipment: Sea water cooler—Cooling of HT water and LT water, Central cooling method Starting Air System Main Equipment: 

1. Starting air compressor—Used to start the H.F.O engine 

2. Starting air vessel Electric System 

Main Equipment: 1. VCB cabinet 2. Main control panel 3. Local monitoring--Engine-mounted instrument panel/Local control panel 4. Remote monitoring-backstage monitoring MCC Panel Provide power supply and start-up loop for auxiliary equipment