Secure International Legal Contracts: Simple does not mean Simplistic

Secure International Legal Contracts: Simple does not mean Simplistic


All transactions at their most basic form imply consensus between two or more parties. Remnants of contractual commitment can be found even in the most simple of settings – in the enthusiastic commerce of young children selling lemonade on a street corner. While children do not understand the complexities of international business transactions, the basic concepts of commerce – the exchanging of one quantity for another is clear.


It is in the spirit of this simple exchange that USP&E hopes to direct all binding agreements down the simplest path necessary for our clients to attain their energy needs. While Contracts dealing with HFO Power Stations are far from simple – We at USP&E hope to provide all our customers with a sense of a security in the legal integrity of our Contracting party. We make this claim for transparency and clarity knowing full well that the international “standards” template is already confusing and, in many cases, ill-suited for the requirements of our clients and their energy goals. International law – coupled with contractual obligations can pose a hinderance to both speed and clarity of consensus.


This is why we at USP&E believe our contracts should contain the following primary components:


  • USP&E holds to a strict code of conduct in all non-binding forms of contractual agreements – both moral conduct and integrity. Thus, USP&E representatives will always seek to accurately present the abilities of our USP&E staff and the capacity of our highly skilled technicians and system design experts to bring the best solutions (HFO Generators and others) to you in the most comprehensive and comprehendible form.


  • Simply put, We at USP&E believe in Absolute Consensus. We believe in complete transparency at all legal points and consider a contract binding only when “true agreement’ has been reached at both the fundamental level of the job description, as well as the more subtle details of risk-control and the coverage we provide against that legal uncertainty.


  • USP&E is trusted worldwide for not only making the impossible possible with our world-class HFO Power Plant energy solutions; but more importantly, by forming the possible into a conclusive reality. All key points and articles within the contract are physically possible and attainable by our team of HFO Power Plant specialists – WE Stick to our areas of expertise!


On matters of structural content and ethics guidelines:


  • We ensure that our contractual commitments follow strict guidelines concerning the clarity and understanding between all involved parties of the true nature of the offer and acceptance. 


Please call or email USP&E today at for a proposal for one of our exclusive surplus zero hour power stations and for more info on:


  • ‘Statements of intent’


  • Our Insurance coverage for any errors or mistakes in achieving consensus on either side of the agreement


  • Our full spread of HFO Power Plant solutions and others


  • And all the exciting news and updates on our project-solutions designed uniquely for you!


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