So You Have a Generator But When Disaster Strikes, Will You Still Have Power?

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Transformer Failure, Heavy Winds, and countless others events, pose the threat of disrupting your electrical power for days or even weeks at a time. Today, more than ever, the global marketplace relies on the invisible safety net of emergency standby power generation to meet potential threats. But, just how reliable are these systems?

The fact is they are only as dependable as the fuel they burn. That is why many of these systems will fail when they are most needed! Generator manufacturers and service technicians agree that 45% to 75% of standby generator failures are directly attributable to the effects of degraded fuel quality. In addition to these failures, it is impossible to judge the number of generators that run out of fuel at a critical time because the fuel supply wasn't topped off, or, they can't get fuel delivered. Both of these problems are totally avoidable by making sure your company has a reliable fuel supply.

Ask yourself the following questions:

A. Do you have an agreement with a fuel vendor that is committed to keeping your tanks supplied throughout any type of outage, in any conditions?

B. Are your tanks regularly tested, treated, and topped off, to ensure fuel reliability and the maximum amount of run-time possible?

If you answered no to either of the questions above, US Power & Environment has a turnkey program designed to protect your company from ever having a fuel-related power interruption. We can tailor our Customer Service and Maintenance Agreement (CSMA) program to provide you with the Emergency Fuel Response and Critical Fuel Maintenance services your company needs. Call us today!

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