The Mining Industry Relies On Electricity To Keep Costs Down

There are plenty of reasons why electric power is sometimes lost. Generally, it is weather related and due to severe storms tormenting a particular region. At times however, power outages can be caused when the local electric companies are unable to meet the demands of the general public. But after power has been out for many crucial hours, people begin hoping that they had invested in a portable power source, such as a generator. One can only survive on peanut butter, crackers and tuna for so long. For most people, electricity is supplied by utilities or electricity corporations from power stations, via supply networks called grids. These main grids provide electricity to the majority of the population. This would not be the case if you worked at a mining site far from any city. In most instances, remote work sites such as mines are usually not serviced by the main grid and must rely on portable power generators to provide them with electricity they need for their operations.

There is no doubt that the use of power generators is fundamental part of the mining industry, and with the immense amount of revenue generated by the mining industry, the use of generators is a very important element within that trade. Whether it is coal, gas, iron ore, or precious metals, mining is a key element of the world economy. But, mines must have a dependable source of power, which is a crucial resource in the mining processes. Power generators account for a majority of the energy used to run various equipment of the mining industry. The large drills and shovels, as well as excavating machinery, all run on diesel generators. Many of these generators are in the form of huge land roving trucks that help to extract the minerals and other items and then transport them. In most cases, these gigantic generators can haul over 300 tons of material at one time. 

Mining extracts the earth's natural materials to provide energy to the world. It is a business that is absolutely essential to the success of our global economy. Without the help of power generators, the job of extracting the fuel that powers the world would take much longer to accomplish and would require a lot more manpower and money to operate efficiently. In other words, without electricity at mining facilities, the natural materials extracted from the earth in the mining process would be much more costly than they are today.

Electric power generators provide a lot of muscle, capacity, and stability to an essential industry. From drilling trenches to busting up rock, carting out huge loads of materials and pulling up heavy amounts of coal, generators provide the strength and capability needed to get the job done. As for the heavy and large equipment that is used, diesel generators are still the power-generation equipment of choice in the mining industry.

In the absence of reliable power, power generating systems are a neccesity for the people and machines at the worksite, who rely almost exclusively on electricity to do their work. The power generation equipment will ensure that any other equipment that needs electric power to run, continues to work as designed. In these remote areas not serviced by a main electricity grid, the electricity generated from a portable power generator becomes the lubricant that keep all operations running smoothly. There are multiple hazards of working inside the mines, even before you consider the challenges of working with electricity safely. When using portable power generators inside the mines, it is important for the mining company to have a professional help them install and maintain the equipment to make sure for the safety of their employees. The mining and mineral extraction sector worldwide relies heavily on portable power generators to harness natural resources such as aggregates, precious metals, iron ore, oil, gas, and coal. At times, the power generators are used to power shovels and drills for excavating these products and to load them into enormous mining trucks or onto conveyer belts that also operate off the generators. Both surface and underground mining operations rely on powered equipment to extract materials and load trucks. Overall, the mining sector could not flourish without the use of the power generators.

Electricity powers underground mining machines, drives giant above ground drag-lines and even runs the small jack hammers used in one-person opal mines. If you are in the mining industry and you need expert assistance in setting up a diesel power generation system at your mining operation, give us a call. We would be happy to help. We have helped many mining companies around the country and around the world with setting up and maintaining their power generation equipment, to keep their mining operations running smoothly.