Coal mining is still a large industry in the United States. As fossil fuels such as oil become more rare and more expensive, the energy market has looked to a variety of other fossil fuels to supply the energy and power needed to sustain our prosperous economies. Coal is one of the answers to the energy question. Coal mining requires the use of power generators of all types and sizes to power the equipment necessary to mine for coal in remote places, such as in the mountains. Most of the equipment used in mining involves either electricity or hydraulic motors, so it is essential that power generators are a part of the mines' inventory at every mine site. Power generators are responsible for providing the necessary electricity for all the illumination in the mineshaft, for the conveyor belt that brings the product to the surface, and for much of the equipment that drills the coal from the walls of the mine shaft.

In most coal mining operations, there are one or two main power lines that supply all the electricity to the necessary machinery in the mineshaft. Since almost all coal mining is done underground, it is very important that there is plenty of artificial light for the coal miners. Power generators are important in that they supply all electricity to the mine, however the mine could not even function if they did not supply the necessary power to all the lighting needed in the shaft. The mineshaft has many compartments from areas where the coal miners rest and take their meals, to the areas where there is active mining and explosive processes in action. It is vital that power generators are able to supply these areas with electricity, so that the miners can sit and relax in the break areas, and those same miners have enough light to see in the rest of the mineshaft where active drilling is underway. Power generators also supply electricity for much larger pieces of equipment, equipment that pulls much more electricity than the lights in the mineshaft. One of the most important pieces of equipment is the conveyor belt that starts at the end of the mineshaft and ends at the surface. This machine is responsible for bringing all the coal that is mined at the active drilling site to the surface. Without an active conveyor belt in the mineshaft, there would be many wasted man-hours of hauling the coal from the end of the shaft all the way to the surface. In some cases, this is more than half a mile. By providing electricity to the mineshaft through the main power cables, power generators are able to save mining corporations a large sum of money that would be used for simple tasks such as bringing the coal to the surface. 

Instead, because there is electricity in the mineshaft to run machines such as the conveyor belts that go all the way along the mineshaft, a simple task that would take a long time is done automatically by the conveyor belt.Power generators are responsible for the operation of many of the actual tools involved in mining for coal. There are numerous drills that require electricity in order to operate. Many of these tools are located at the active mining site, so it is important that electricity can get to them, enabling the mining processes to continue at a steady pace. Coal cutting tools are responsible for cutting the coal into smaller pieces to put onto the conveyor belt. They are usually used after explosives have removed the coal from the veins of coal found in the mountain. Many of these tools run exclusively on electricity, so power generators are vital not only to get the coal out of the mine shaft via the conveyor belt, but for also getting it actually onto the conveyor belt.Power generators are essential tools for a coal mining operation, because of all the benefits that come along with being able to use electric tools. 

Miners are able to work long hours, because of the artificial lightning provided by electricity supplied by power generators. The conveyor belt is supplied by electricity created by power generators, and this is the only efficient method of getting coal out of the deep mine shaft. Electricity is needed by many of the coal cutting tools found at the actual active mining site within the mineshaft. Power generators allow these tools to operate so that the coal can be broken up into pieces small enough to be put onto the conveyor belt. Coal mining remains a dangerous and dirty occupation, but if we want to heat our homes during the long winters, coal is a necessity we cannot afford to live without. Coal mining remains an essential element of our economic strength, and fortunately, the coal-mining corporations are making the necessary investments to keep the people who bring us the coal to heat our homes, safe and alive to see another day. Power generators are essential in the safety aspects of working in a mine, and they are essential for the economics of the mining operations.