USP&E Exceeds Client’s Expectations

USP&E recently received results from a performance evaluation questionnaire where the power plant solution provider surpassed expectations in every category. The Celina-based company specializing in diesel, natural gas, HFO and renewable power station engineering, received all 4s— the highest rating possible— from a client in Sierra Leone.


In the questionnaire, 4s were defined as, excellent, considerably surpassing minimum requirements, being considerably successful, displaying considerable initiative, providing abundant resources, and being extremely effective.


When asked to what extent did USP&E adhere to contract delivery schedules, the client commented that if given the ability to rate the company a 10 that they would have. With regards to USP&E’s reports and documentation being accurate and complete, the client stated that reports were professional, covered all aspects of the plant, were well prepared, user friendly and a privilege to read.  In response to the question to what extent was the contractor able to solve contract performance problems without extensive guidance from government counterparts, the client stated: “USP&E has the most professional personnel covering all aspects of the Power Generation Issues.” The client went on to say: “It is a pleasure to work with each and every person employed by USP&E.”


When asked to what extent did the contractor display initiative in meeting the requirement; again, the client had nothing but good things to say about the most trusted supplier of power station EPC and O&M services in emerging markets.

“They lead by example, had well-prepared appraisals and planning on all issues e.g. Green Heat exchanger ideas, better performance on fuel issues, load harmonics concerns, power factor correction, and every other issue that is mentioned, which they evaluate and study, and always perform way ahead of others.”


In response to the question, did USP&E commit adequate resources, in a timely fashion, to meet the requirements of the contract and to successfully solve problems, the client replied that USP&E was “very professional with adequate resources in time and having highly-qualified engineers, highly-qualified and experienced maintenance personnel, admin and operation personnel complying successfully to the problems that needed to be solved.”


Although the client was not in attendance when USP&E interfaced with government staff, the client concluded that the achievements accomplished in a short period of time, such as acquiring land lease/procurement/ 99-year lease and the success of the Marampa site made USP&E deserving of a 4 rating when asked about the company’s effectiveness in interfacing with the government.

In rating USP&E’s overall performance, the client called the company “Gold Medal Performers” stating that USP&E was “one of the most professional businesses I have ever worked with in my career.”


Chief Strategy Officer Dean Castillo says the survey responses are a testament of USP&E’s commitment and dedication to its clients.

“It really validates the outstanding efforts that our team makes each and every day.”


USP&E’s mission is to be the most trusted supplier of fuel-efficient HFO, Diesel, and renewable energy power stations, services, and products in strategic growth countries. For more information about USP&E, call 888-515-USPE or go to