Why Own a Used Diesel Generator?

With demand for electricity increasing rapidly and the world's aging power grid becoming overloaded, outages are occurring more frequently, lasting longer and becoming more and more expensive, even here in North America. The probability is high that one day your business will experience a costly power outage. 

The only question is "When will it happen and how much will it cost?" Yet, nearly two-thirds of small business owners say cost, local noise restrictions and strict environmental regulations have kept them from purchasing a standby generator.US Power has resolved all of those issues with our revolutionary onsite power generation consulting services we call "CSMA - Customer Service and Maintenance Agreements" — one of the only US-based, professional, highly creative and state-of-the-art international automatic standby generator onsite service, maintain, repair, install and sales companies in the world. 

At US Power & Environment we specialize in commercial and industrial Power Generation projects that utilize used diesel generators, used natural gas generators, used natural gas turbines, and used cat diesel 3516 2000kW generator sets. These diesel, natural gas or LP fueled generators eliminate the environmental issues associated with diesel generators and are quiet enough to meet the most stringent noise regulations. Best of all, they are so affordable they can often pay for themselves during a single power outage. That's why US Power protects more small to mid-size businesses than any other generator dealer.Generators are indispensable to professionals who work from home and cannot afford to be down.Call or email us at uspowerco.com as soon s possible.