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Containerized HFO Generators

USP&E has an enormous supply of new and used HFO powerplants, HFO generators, diesel generators, natural gas turbines, Cat generators, Cummins generators, and a large selection of generator accessories. Email us at and allow us to serve you...

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Renewable Energy Solutions

USP&E is committed to providing sustainable, renewable energy solutions that are affordable, easy to install and operate in emerging markets, and environmentally friendly. Get in touch with us today for more information on our renewable energy solutions. We can be reached at

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Need a Natural Gas Turbine?

US Power and Environment (USP&E) is the most respected and trusted supplier of power station EPC and O&M services in emerging markets around the world. We ship all sizes of generators around the world. Click on the button below to view our available Gas Turbines...

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We are a respected global energy company.We love what we do!

Our vision is to end extreme energy poverty in the emerging world by offering the most affordable, flexible, and reliable hybrid micro-grid energy solutions available anywhere. USP&E has a full portfolio of products and services for each energy project we are privileged to work on. We are currently reviewing and testing over 10 new and innovative energy technologies as we look to make a significant difference in unleashing the power of micro-grid energy platforms in Africa.

USP&E was the only third party power station operator that had 100% up-time during the tragic Ebola crisis in West Africa in 2013-2015. We were blessed to have zero deaths and a perfect record because of our commitment to excellence and our tremendous security and safety team.

The USP&E service offerings include the following five main components, listed to the right, all related to Energy Infrastructure in Emerging Markets >>>

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USP&E Holdings Pty Ltd
Operations & Maintenance

Grasta Energy Pty Ltd
Wholesale Fuel Supply
Micro-Grids Construction and Finance
Forge Energy Defence Pty Ltd
Strategic Energy Defence Systems

Rare Water Solutions Pty Ltd
Industrial Water Beneficiation

NoraLEE | USP&E Pty Ltd (Singapore)
Energy projects in Sri Lanka

USP&E SL Pty Ltd
Energy projects in Sierra Leone

New Partnership. Keeping the ball rolling.

The Spanish professional football organization “LaLiga” has entered the African market to further build its brand amongst the African public whom actively support and watch LaLiga. Opening offices across Africa, LaLiga has asked USP&E Companies to partner with LaLiga to gain access to a continent in love with the sport of football. LaLiga is a transformational organization that just shipped 30,000 footballs to strategic hubs across Africa. USP&E is a proud partner of LaLiga.

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US Power and Environment is a complete turnkey energy generation services company.

We focus on HFO power plants, portable mobile diesel generators, and new and used gas turbines.

We understand the challenges our customers face daily, whether political, social, economic, or environmental. We have tremendous respect for these challenges, but understand and appreciate that the opportunities that your project will bring to the region are invaluable, both to the citizens and to your shareholders.

Will Gruver - CEO of USP&E

E, P & C

Operations & Maintenance

USP&E is ready to get started on your project... Are you?

With a focus on flexibility and innovation, USP&E is committed to designing, building and operating efficient, affordable, and reliable mobile and fixed power plant solutions.

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Diesel Generators

More Diesel Generators...
Diesel Generator 2.00 MW 2012 3516 Diesel Generator. Sound Attenuated Enclosure, 60 Hz, We have a total of (5) available, (4) have been...
Diesel Generator 1.75 MW 1997 XQ1750 Diesel Generator. Low Hours. Sound Attenuated Enclosure, 60 Hz, 1750kW Caterpillar XQ1750 Ratings: 2304HP,...
Diesel Generator 1.50 MW 1989 3516 Diesel Generator. Low Hours. 50 Hz, 1.5MW CAT 3516 Industrial Gensets Ratings:...
Diesel Generator 180 kW 2013 USP-G 198 A/V Diesel Generator. Sound Attenuated Enclosure, 60 Hz, -50Hz or 60Hz Available -Open Frame or...
Diesel Generator 160 kW 150REOZJB Diesel Generator. Low Hours. 600.00gal Fuel Tank, Weather Enclosure, 60 Hz, 160kW Kohler 150REOZJB Ratings: 160kW, Prime...

Natural Gas Generators

More Natural Gas Generators...
Natural Gas Generator 12.9 MW SGT400 Natural Gas Generator. Low Hours. No Enclosure, 50 Hz, 3 x Siemens SGT 400 Mobile Trailer Mounted...
Natural Gas Generator 8.70 MW 2012 W20V34DF Natural Gas Generator. No Enclosure, 50 Hz, New 52.2MW Wärtsilä POWER STATION Wärtsilä...
Natural Gas Generator 2.80 MW 1998 J620GSE02 Natural Gas Generator. Low Hours. No Enclosure, 60 Hz, 8 x JANBACHER Very good Plants - Very good...
Natural Gas Generator 2.05 MW 2016 G2530C Natural Gas Generator. No Enclosure, (5) available Cat G3520 (LNG) 2050kw cont....
Natural Gas Generator 844 kW 1997 J212 GS Natural Gas Generator. ~59000 Hours. 60 Hz, We have two Jenbachers with identical hours for...

Large Power Stations

More Large Power Stations »
Large Power Station 60.0 MW 2009 LM6000 PC Natural Gas Generator. ~22000 Hours. 50 Hz, 60MW GE LM6000 complete combined cycle power...
Large Power Station 20.0 MW 2007 Diesel Generator. No Enclosure, 50 Hz, 4x20 MW DG plants Total 80 MW (Never been...
Large Power Station 6.59 MW 2001 PUC 70 Natural Gas Generator. 60 Hz, We have following gas turbine engine for sale...
Large Power Station 6.22 MW 1996 18V32-E HFO Generator. Low Hours. 50 Hz, ENGINE MAKE :Wartsila TYPE : 18V32-E KVA :...
Large Power Station 3.21 MW 2000 9R32LN HFO Generator. Low Hours. No Enclosure, 50 Hz, Engine Type: Wartsila 9R-32 LN Engine make =...