New 7520kW Solar Taurus Natural Gas Generator

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Item#: USP008725
Wattage: 7,520 kW
Make/Model: Solar Taurus T70
Year of Mfr: 2012
Hours: New!
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Frequency: 60 Hz
Enclosure: Weather Enclosure
Additional Info:
Model year 2012 New Unused with 1 year OEM Warranty through Solar Taurus in California. 
Taurus 70 Single Shaft Turbine Engine
Epicyclic Reduction Drive Gearbox
4160v 60Hz Open Drip Proof type generator where the generator, exciter and turbotronic control system are fully integrated to provide optimal performance start system gas fuel NEC and CEC compliant NFPA 70 Skid Packaged Power Station. Dual fuel capability. DLN emissions controls optional. Professionally and carefully stored and preserved by the OEM. 

Inclusions: SoLoNox combustion fuel system, lubricating oil system, on ski electrical wiring skid with drop pans 316L piping manifolds, Ancillary air inlet systems, Ancillary exhaust systems packaging, Enclosure with ventilation systems, carbon steel air inlet silencers, fire suppression and detection systems, combustible gas detection systems, ventilation louvers of extreme cold, extra O&M manuals, long term preservation by OEM, TT4000 Mutli Unit Remote Display.

EXCLUSIONS: engine cleaning tank, package lift kit, equipment handling system, battery rack, alignment tool.


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